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Our Story

It all began sitting on the beach watching the children windsurf in the howling wind and the driving rain. When the children finished, trying to get them changed quickly, holding towels and avoiding sand on their feet was a nightmare! Being a busy family, we wanted to create some products that were affordable and would make those outdoor activities a pleasure!

 Our Mi Changing Bucket provides the perfect solution to the problem of getting changed on the sandy beach, muddy car park, or cold stoney floor. With a nonslip base, you can stand in the bucket, remove your outer layers and keep your feet clean before putting on your shoes. Our removable bottom to the bucket enables your clothes to dry quicker.

Our Mi Robe is the perfect accessory to brave the elements and ensures that you stay warm and dry. Lined with a super soft fleece, it will keep out the wind as well as provide a quick cover to change below. You will not want to leave home without it.

Our Mi Kit Bucket is fully waterproof and will easily transport all your items for the most enjoyable activity day.

All of our products have been sourced with affordability and practicality in mind.  We hope that you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed delivering them.